Shapes of power and design

A product family with different forms and sizes available which assure the best lighting performances and where

technology is used to obtain new light opportunities. Be_bright is the first device based on a diffuse light system with no pinpoint effect and with a very low thickness: only 25 mm. New and innovative solutions, be_bright forms combine design and technique with the aim of creating a soft balance and new lighting paths, making them unique. This device offers the possibility to combine and use different forms together, it’s very easy to install and it can transform light into a dynamic soft non-invasive surface element.

These fixtures manage a very high lumen package relative to their size and provide unparalleled brightness and light quality. All forms in the be_bright collection are suitable for indoor IP54 and outdoor IP65 installations. The elegant construction details and high protection rating give it strength and durability, making it particularly suitable for installation in environments such as spas, wellness centers and swimming pools.


Eternity, harmony, infinity: Circle, the perfect form. Its archetypal light, homogeneous and without

punctiform effect, rends the dark and gives space a constant rhythm.

Its elegant, unique and discrete style, in three dimensions, embraces space and radiates it with perfect unity: in be_circle there is no conflict between practicality and aesthetics. An impressive, extremely powerful light output that enhances the surrounding architecture.


Shape and essence are mixed together: be_square creates a strict, smart and essential light. A visual suggestion rich in shading but very precise at the same time, it has the power to bring out the architectural elements in which it is installed. Its three sizes fit into any interior, shaping it with innovative tension, absolute power and high-quality light output that conquers aesthetics and redefines design.


Golden proportion: be_rectangle floods the space with homogeneous, precise light. It is a celebration

of architecture and balance. Refined and minimal, it invades spaces and characterise them silently: with only 25 mm thickness, it creeps into space imperceptibly. You can draw be_rectangle lamps each other to obtain a

perfect light, homogeneous on the whole surface in all available sizes.