Beblaze bases its philosophy on knowledge, demonstrating an approach to work that has solid roots and structured foundations; a business that takes its inspiration from light and its numerous facets, to create exclusive products. Attention to quality, focus on technology and a know-how that comes from the world of electronics guide the work in the company, with the certainty that progress is the only instrument to improve our lives.

The identity of beblaze, its DNA, is characterized by distinctive unique features that are interwoven to give life, each time, to innovative and original solutions. From the attention aimed at listening to clients’ requirements, up to the creation of the end product, beblaze shows its identity as a producer of Tailor-made Lighting, capable of creating customized products, specific and personalized on the basis of individual needs


Achieving the perfect technique

Beblaze works to offer innovative and cutting-edge products to the market, the main aim of which will not only be that of focusing on the quantity of light, but also of obtaining the best performances through efficient and small devices.

Articulated lighting is a factor able to influence the environment, it creates shadows and plasticity and affects its perception, thus allowing a better experience. Light plays a fundamental role in our daily life, contributing to creating comfortable and stimulating atmospheres which give us sensations of pleasure, well-being, charm and purity.

It reveals the most profound essence of spaces, transforming everyday places into living material to be shaped and re-interpreted; it creates relationships among objects, memories, signs, overcoming the barriers imposed by architecture to weave a dialectic relationship with spaces.


Technological innovation, research, development.

To achieve the perfect technique, the company uses its awareness of how light, designed and used in the right way, can represent a real differential for the quality of life.

The Company has explored the boundaries of science and technology, to offer the market a better light; quality is in the solution of particular requirements with the creation of special profiles; it is to be found in international services, in on-going technical research, in the study of new strategies of relationship among the various components of light fittings. Quality means offering the market solutions that are always new and innovative.