Our configurator guides you in the design phase and allows you to find a product that is perfect for you, showing you all possible combinations of its components and features and helping you build a system tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

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Ceiling - Wall

Lighting products perfect for ceiling and wall installation, for a light that shapes environments, defining new ways of living light, turning it into the main protagonist of an architectural revolution: inspiring, evoking, suggesting and determining spaces.


Suitable for giving new character to the living environment, the suspended fittings light interiors, giving a touch of unique design and discreet elegance. For sober and delicate installations, where the light, however, assumes the role of the main protagonist.

Ceiling – Wall Recessed

The walls take new shape, thanks to the ceiling-wall recessed products: the lighting effects are transformed into pure emotion, integrating and playing with the architecture in which they are installed.

Floor recessed

Light creates unique and always new paths, rich in style and personality. Recessed floor lights - walkover and driveover - determine spaces, offering the best possible result for any project requirement.

Configure an Illine system


be_bright is the new beblaze collection of modular light shapes.
A uniform and perfect light.
Technology, design and aesthetic research, be_bright forms have a standard IP65 protection index, a reduced thickness and a high luminous output with index CRI typical 95.
6 different shapes, available in three thicknesses, 25, 50, 100 mm will be soon configurable online.